Are artists born or created?


    From the time that we're children, we're led or steered down particular paths - "you're great at this and bad at that." It's silent, but assumed, that abilities like artistic skills, athletic talents or math brilliance are natural - we either have it or we don't. But what if you could learn anything? What if there was a systematic way of teaching yourself any skill - including the ones that society typically chalks up to "natural talent?"


    In this 365-day creative challenge, Elle creates her own customized, hands-on global art school curriculum and pushes herself to produce art through a number of mediums: experimenting with areas like watercolor, oil and acrylic paint techniques, Tunisian crochet and amigurumi, hand-lettering, paper-based arts, and digital art.


    She immerses in the traditional art styles of her locations to broaden her skills and use of mediums - through exercises and lessons from masters in Greek jewelry-making, Chinese paper cutting + ink wash painting, Japanese calligraphy + garden design, and more.


    South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines & Portugal

    Greece, Mexico, Thailand & China

  • beauty and the brain

    using images to invoke positive emotions

    using space to cultivate a sense of well-being

    using design to INFLUENCE positive brain activity



    INSPIRE is designed to share authentic, positive stories and images from around the world. We create material that highlights what's welcoming, unique and beautiful about an area or culture.


    We don't publish material sourced from 48-hour visits - our media is often compiled over weeks and months living immersively in a particular city or country.


    As artists, INSPIRE is also a medium to curate our work through specific channels of interest, and to collaborate with and highlight other artists.


    Our aim is two-fold:


    1.) To inspire people to create more, travel more or build a new life abroad (perhaps in an area that they'd never considered)


    2.) To share the magic and the beauty in the world


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    - cultural dignity, preservation and respect

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